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Why apply for Project Destination?

Here are some reasons why this will be the best project at your time at KTH

Get to know cool people

Project Destination is an excellent way to get to know people from other programmes at KTH. You will together with 9 other people form a team where you will have a lot of fun and hard working during one year.

Meet interesting companies

During the year you will get an unique oportunity to meet both Swedish and international companies where you will get invaluable connections for the future.

You get to travel

For the final magazine you get to go on a trip to your teams' destinations of choice. Some of the previous year's destinations years are: San Fransisco, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Seoul.


These are the open roles for Project Destination 17/18

Project Manager

The Project Manager is recruited by the former project group and is appointed in the beginning of the summer. The Project Manager sets up the visions, goals and structures of the project and coordinates all of the work throughout the year.

Want to learn more about leadership and is ready to take Project Destination to the next level? Apply!

Vice Project Manager

The Vice Project Manager is the right hand of the Project Manager and helps out with all of the various tasks throughout the project. The Vice Project Manager is often selected at an early stage to help with the rest of the recruitment during the summer.

Great to not be afraid to get your hands dirty and ready to pitch in whenever needed!

Finance Manager

The Finance Manager is responsible for the budget, both constructing the budget and making sure it is kept. The finance manager is together with the project manager and the vice project manager the Board of Project Destination.

Skills with excel, passions för budgets and a financial interest are recommended.  

Event Manager

The Event Manager(s) makes sure all of the events held with companies are organised and conducted with high quality. From booking lecture halls to ordering lunch to come up with exciting ideas how to best match the idea and needs of the company with an event.

Suits you who are very creative and has good skills coordinating people!

International Relations Manager

The International Relations Manager(s) are in charge of planning the trip. The work begins early during the project with presenting ideas for destinations and doing research, and evolves to planning the trip in detail with everything that comes with it.

Great if you love to travel the world, is very curious about new places and super organised since a lot of detailed planning needs to take place!

Sales Manager

Selling the concept of Project Destination is a shared task that all project members participates in. The sales manager's role is to coordinate. He or she provides the group with sales strategies, scripts and sets the sales target

Prioritized skills are communicative and a true seller.

Marketing Manager

The Marketing Manager is in charge of all social media and all marketing towards students and companies. The marketing manager coordinates the marketing group consisting of her/him, the Art Direct and the IT Manager.

Great if you love social media, is good in writing and creative in your communication.

IT manager

The IT Manager is responsible for creating and keeping the Project Destination webpage constantly updated, along with other IT-related tasks like setting up and maintaining the e-mail.

IT-skills and a passion for digital media needed!

Art Director

The Art Director creates the layout for all media published by Project Destination. Together with The Marketing Manager, informative ads and marketing material are created throughout the whole year. The Art Director also does the layout for the final magazine created as a final part of the project.

Good to be interested of graphic content and to have good skills with Indesign!


These are some of the events that were held together with Project Destination's partners

Lunch Lecture


Lunch Lecture


Lunch Lecture


Long Lunch and “fika”


Lunch Lecture

Andersson Company

Case Solving and Dinner Event

Andersson Company

Our Amazing Team

Project Destination 16/17

Åsa Östman

Project Manager

Julia Elf

Vice Project Manager

Alan Goran

International Relations

Michael Caelers

Finance Manager

Sofie Willhelmsson

Sales Manager

Frida Haugsbakk

Event Manager

Andrés D’Silva

Event Manager

Marcus Wallberg

IT Manager

Hanna Thorwid

Art Director

Linnéa Hellström Ängerud

Marketing Manager

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